Patterns for every skill level for both knitting and crochet.

Chevron scarf
Unisex Cardigans
Cabled Scarf
Coat for Girls
Oversized Cable Scarf
Long Waistcoat
Youthful Beanie
Adorable fan stitch scarf
Wrap cardigan
Beanie with ear flaps
Ladies cardigan
Girls's wrap cardigan
Men's cardigan
Cable cardigan with hoodie
Girl's pullover
Lacey rib pullover
Moss scarf
Owl beanie
Unisex pullover
Beanie With Ear Flaps
His & Her Beanie and Scarf
Slouchy Beanie
Waterfall Cardigan
Poncho With Fitted Sleeves
Knitted Coat
Inspire Poncho
Lacey Rib Cardigan
Timeless Wrap Jacket
Textured Infinity Scarf
Simple Drape Neck Pullover
Keyhole Scarf
Shoulder Warmer
Sleeveless Cardigan
Cushion And Throw
Batwing Cardigan
Ladies Bolero
Asymmetrical Pullover
Slouch Cardigan
Lace Jacket For Ladies
Mock Crossover
Cable Pullover
Lace Shawl
Elegant Cardigan
Button-up Unisex Jersey
Ladies Pullover
Cable Pullover For Men
Cabled Cowl and Head Band
Striped Pullover
Striped Unisex Hoodie
Men's Pullover
Collared Pullover
Hooded Cowl
Ombre Snood
Textured Raglan Pullover
Inspire Beanie with Flaps
Slouchy Beanie
Straight Scarf
Batwing Pullover
Cocoon Shrug
Men's Cardigan
Cropped Cardigan
Wrist Warmers
Leg Warmers
Textured Men's Pullover
Girl's Cardigan
Slouch Cardigan
Baby Blanket
Kiddies Hooded Scarf
Men's Pullover
Ladies Pullover
Crochet Pullover
Scarf Wrap Cardigan
Jacket for Ladies
Easy Eyelet Pullover
Sleeveless Pullover
Gloves & V-Scarf
Basket Stitch Beanie
Love Shawl
Batwing Cardigan
Lace Triangle Scarf
Open Stitch Pullover
Cardigan with Pockets
Harmony Bobble Button Cowl
Cozy Pullover
Easy Wear Cardigan
Girl's Beanie
Ladies Cardigan
Wrap Cardigan
Kiddies Cable Cardigan
Tunisian Crochet Jacket
Lace Knit Shrug
Coat for Kids
V-Neck Cardi
Striped Beanie
Beautiful Cardi
Simple Beanie
Kiddies Striped Rib Pullover
V-Neck Sleeveless Pullover
Lace Pullover
Crochet Beanie
Hooded Pullover
Leg Warmers
Half Granny Square Scarf
Classic for Men
Children's Pullover
Soul Shawl
Loose Pullover
Snood, Gloves and Socks
Lace Knit Pullover
Hippy Hooded Poncho
Boy's Pullover
Trellis Stitch Pullover
Pullover with Zip for Men
Cabled Pullover
Cabled Shawl
Sleeveless V-Neck Pullover
Chevron Top
Beaded Scarf
Lacy Top
Ladies Poncho
Lace Striped Pullover
Striped Coat
Pullover with Lace Insert
Waterfall Cardigan
Fingerless Gloves
Lace Infinity Scarf
Pullover with Collar
Joyful Tunic
Hippy Over-Dress
Diagonal Rib Pullover
Heart Patch Pullover
Easy Wear Pullover
Baby & Toddler Pullover
Men's Pullover
Short Sleeve Cardigan
Slouch Pullover
Dolman Sweater
Diamond Snood and Wrist Warmers
Fitted Pullover
Pullover with cable
Stylish Knit Pullover
Teen Girl Shrug
Lace Scarf
Lace Top
Shoulder Shrug
Loose Long Sleeve Pullover
Short Sleeve Pullover